Ken Jefferson Memorial Farringdon Cross Country And Cross Country Relays 2022

Sunderland 5K

A Established Cross Country Race in The North East of the England.

Held September 3, 2022

Position Name Club Leg Result
1st  Kieron Day   Birtley Harriers  9 mins 47 secs 
1st  Chris Perkins   Birtley Harriers  8 mins 21 secs 
1st  Greg Poulton   Birtley Harriers  9 mins 40 secs 
1st  Adrian Bailes   Birtley Harriers  8 mins 29 secs 
2nd  Joe Anderson  Morpeth Harriers  9 mins 13 secs 
2nd  James Tilley   Morpeth Harriers  9 mins 24 secs 
2nd  Connor Marshall  Morpeth Harriers  8 mins 56 secs 
2nd  Sam Hancox  Morpeth Harriers  8 mins 45 secs 
3rd  Tom Charlton  Tyne Bridge  8 mins 55 secs 
3rd  Paul Turnbull  Tyne Bridge  10 mins 9 secs 
3rd  Marc Fenwick  Tyne Bridge  9 mins 38 secs 
3rd  Michael Hedley  Tyne Bridge  8 mins 52 secs 
4th  Adam Hughes  Sunderland Harriers  9 mins 3 secs 
4th  Alex Seed  Sunderland Harriers  9 mins 51 secs 
4th  Nathan Reed  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 19 secs 
4th  Steven Rankin  Sunderland Harriers  9 mins 14 secs 
5th  Reece Slater  Gosforth Harriers  9 mins 2 secs 
5th  Silas Christie  Gosforth Harriers  9 mins 29 secs 
5th  Ben Ward  Gosforth Harriers  10 mins 3 secs 
5th  Maurice Bourke  Gosforth Harriers  10 mins 30 secs 
6th  Josh Fiddaman  Blyth RC  8 mins 48 secs 
6th  Craig Harmon  Blyth RC  9 mins 51 secs 
6th  Karl Bryce  Blyth RC  10 mins 44 secs 
6th  Joe Wren  Blyth RC  10 mins 34 secs 
7th  Sam Jackson  Elvet Striders  9 mins 30 secs 
7th  Graeme Watt  Elvet Striders  10 mins 39 secs 
7th  Lindsay McEwan  Elvet Striders  10 mins 25 secs 
7th  Michael Littlewood  Elvet Striders  10 mins 12 secs 
8th  David Young  Heaton Harriers  9 mins 11 secs 
8th  Jason Wall  Heaton Harriers  11 mins 1 secs 
8th  lee Daglish  Heaton Harriers  10 mins 46 secs 
8th  Adam McKenna  Heaton Harriers  10 mins 43 secs 
9th  Jake Archer  Jesmond Joggers  10 mins 11 secs 
9th  Niran Patel   Jesmond Joggers  11 mins 6 secs 
9th  Mark Adamson   Jesmond Joggers  11 mins 3 secs 
9th  Joe Kirtley   Jesmond Joggers  10 mins 39 secs 
10th  Paul Norvell  Blyth RC  11 mins 3 secs 
10th  Henry Madden  Blyth RC  10 mins 32 secs 
10th  Gary Weir  Blyth RC  11 mins 10 secs 
10th  Ian Davison  Blyth RC  11 mins 34 secs 
11th  Lee Pattinson  Wallsend Harriers  11 mins 3 secs 
11th  Andrew Wigmore  Wallsend Harriers  11 mins 9 secs 
11th  Alan Durney  Wallsend Harriers  11 mins 38 secs 
11th  James Duthie  Wallsend Harriers  10 mins 30 secs 
12th  Michael Rodenby  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 2 secs 
12th  Dillon Revell  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 2 secs 
12th  Cameron Lawton  Sunderland Harriers  12 mins 14 secs 
12th  Ed Sweeney  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 15 secs 
13th  Craig Hodgson  Washington RC  10 mins 29 secs 
13th  John Johnson  Washington RC  12 mins 23 secs 
13th  Paul Mander  Washington RC  10 mins 51 secs 
13th  Peter Roddam  Washington RC  11 mins 7 secs 
14th  Anthony Erskine  Washington RC  12 mins 1 secs 
14th  Chris Smith  Washington RC  11 mins 3 secs 
14th  John Dodds  Washington RC  11 mins 22 secs 
14th  Neil Cummings  Washington RC  12 mins 8 secs 
15th  Stephen Soulsby  Elvet Striders  11 mins 55 secs 
15th  Alan Renwick  Elvet Striders  11 mins 38 secs 
15th  Alex Collier  Elvet Striders  11 mins 6 secs 
15th  Geoff Davis  Elvet Striders  12 mins 22 secs 
16th  Scott McEntee   Heaton Harriers  11 mins 7 secs 
16th  Iain McKinnon  Heaton Harriers  12 mins 12 secs 
16th  Ben Cook  Heaton Harriers  11 mins 1 secs 
16th  Anth Daglish  Heaton Harriers  12 mins 48 secs 
17th  Steve Boddy  Gosforth Harriers  11 mins 13 secs 
17th  Neil Ramsay  Gosforth Harriers  11 mins 10 secs 
17th  Olly Gabriele  Gosforth Harriers  9 mins 37 secs 
17th  Steven Bond  Gosforth Harriers  15 mins 21 secs 
18th  Calvin Narsland  Jesmond Joggers  11 mins 2 secs 
18th  Cliff Veitch  Jesmond Joggers  12 mins 27 secs 
18th  Angus Routledge  Jesmond Joggers  12 mins 1 secs 
18th  Angus Miller  Jesmond Joggers  12 mins 9 secs 
19th  Tom Colquitt  South Shields Harriers  10 mins 43 secs 
19th  Bejamin Weston  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 30 secs 
19th  John Hawthorne  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 47 secs 
19th  Andrew Hawthorne  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 48 secs 
20th  Ian Gowing  Wallsend Harriers  11 mins 30 secs 
20th  Paul Stretesky  Wallsend Harriers  12 mins 31 secs 
20th  Michael Skeldon  Wallsend Harriers  13 mins 0 secs 
20th  Reece Calvert  Wallsend Harriers  12 mins 1 secs 
21st  Simon Mowbray  Wearside Tri  12 mins 32 secs 
21st  Simon Hilton  Wearside Tri  13 mins 10 secs 
21st  Stephen Brown  Wearside Tri  12 mins 37 secs 
21st  Graeme Pullan  Wearside Tri  10 mins 48 secs 
22nd  Ian Butler  Elvet Striders  12 mins 55 secs 
22nd  Dave Nicholson  Elvet Striders  11 mins 47 secs 
22nd  Dave Oxlade  Elvet Striders  11 mins 56 secs 
22nd  Malcolm Sygrove  Elvet Striders  13 mins 42 secs 
23rd  Ian Houston  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 49 secs 
23rd  Lee Ash  South Shields Harriers  13 mins 29 secs 
23rd  Kevin Ayre  South Shields Harriers  13 mins 51 secs 
23rd  George Henderson  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 36 secs 
24th  Ian Parker  Tyne Bridge Harrier  13 mins 36 secs 
24th  Michael Nemeth  Tyne Bridge Harrier  13 mins 2 secs 
24th  Roger Heath  Tyne Bridge Harrier  14 mins 31 secs 
24th  Steve Kettle  Tyne Bridge Harrier  11 mins 50 secs 
25th  Ricky Smith  Ashington Hirst R C  15 mins 12 secs 
25th  Gordon Stobbart  Ashington Hirst R C  13 mins 7 secs 
25th  Caleb Williamson  Ashington Hirst R C  13 mins 8 secs 
25th  Lee Dixon  Ashington Hirst R C  11 mins 51 secs 
26th  Jonathan Heaney  North Shields Poly  10 mins 33 secs 
26th  Wayne Kavanagh  North Shields Poly  12 mins 50 secs 

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the competition results. However, we understand that discrepancies or questions may arise. If any athlete has a query or concern regarding the results, we kindly request that you reach out to our dedicated race officials. They are available to address any inquiries and provide further clarification. We value the integrity of the competition and are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and fairly. Your feedback is important to us, so please don't hesitate to contact our officials for any result-related inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.