Ken Jefferson Memorial Farringdon Cross Country And Cross Country Relays 2021

Sunderland 5K

A Established Cross Country Race in The North East of the England.

Held September 4, 2021

Position Name Club Leg Result
1st  Paul Blakey  Sunderland Harriers  9 mins 44 secs 
1st  Chris Jackson  Sunderland Harriers  9 mins 51 secs 
1st  Chris Auld  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 6 secs 
1st  Sam Thurlbeck  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 8 secs 
2nd  Jon Bateman  Tynebridge Harriers  10 mins 32 secs 
2nd  Chris Stockdale  Tynebridge Harriers  10 mins 12 secs 
2nd  David Moir  Tynebridge Harriers  11 mins 20 secs 
2nd  Alasdair Blain  Tynebridge Harriers  10 mins 27 secs 
3rd  Tim Field  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 45 secs 
3rd  Mark Head  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 57 secs 
3rd  David Lash  Sunderland Harriers  10 mins 41 secs 
3rd  Ed Sweeney  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 2 secs 
4th  Martin Blenkinsopp  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 0 secs 
4th  Darren Stoker  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 0 secs 
4th  Andrew Hughes  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 8 secs 
4th  Paul Redman  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 29 secs 
5th  Steve Johnson  Houghton Harriers  10 mins 45 secs 
5th  Matty Tomlinson  Houghton Harriers  11 mins 8 secs 
5th  Alan Foster  Houghton Harriers  11 mins 17 secs 
5th  Dave Coulson  Houghton Harriers  11 mins 47 secs 
6th  Richard Barker  Sunderland Strollers  11 mins 24 secs 
6th  Paul Dunlop  Sunderland Strollers  12 mins 9 secs 
6th  Steven Finnie  Sunderland Strollers  12 mins 50 secs 
6th  Chris Dwyer  Sunderland Strollers  10 mins 36 secs 
7th  Colin Robson  South Shields Harriers  11 mins 25 secs 
7th  Miles Weston  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 22 secs 
7th  George Henderson  South Shields Harriers  12 mins 26 secs 
7th  Lee Ash  South Shields Harriers  11 mins 41 secs 
8th  Robbie Barkley  Blyth Running Club  11 mins 30 secs 
8th  Michael Ashby  Blyth Running Club  13 mins 3 secs 
8th  Nic Crofts  Blyth Running Club  11 mins 53 secs 
8th  Steve Dobby  Blyth Running Club  11 mins 45 secs 
9th  Dale Wilkinson  Sunderland Harriers  12 mins 34 secs 
9th  Karl Robinson  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 38 secs 
9th  Dean Phillips  Sunderland Harriers  12 mins 48 secs 
9th  Allan McManus  Sunderland Harriers  11 mins 59 secs 
10th  Michael Littlewood  Elvet Striders  10 mins 37 secs 
10th  Simon Dobson  Elvet Striders  13 mins 16 secs 
10th  Steven Londsdale  Elvet Striders  12 mins 22 secs 
10th  Malcolm Sygrove  Elvet Striders  13 mins 48 secs 
11th  Ian Gowling  Wallsend Harriers  12 mins 14 secs 
11th  Mick Skeldon  Wallsend Harriers  12 mins 27 secs 
11th  Daryl Rowe  Wallsend Harriers  13 mins 27 secs 
11th  Alan Heslington  Wallsend Harriers  13 mins 31 secs 
12th  Kevin Thomas  Gosforth Harriers  13 mins 9 secs 
12th  Kevin Spreadbury  Gosforth Harriers  12 mins 35 secs 
12th  Richard McQuade  Gosforth Harriers  13 mins 0 secs 
12th  Steven Bond  Gosforth Harriers  13 mins 58 secs 
13th  Derek Edgar  Stocksfield Striders  14 mins 14 secs 
13th  Ben Michell  Stocksfield Striders  12 mins 58 secs 
13th  Danny Gilholm  Stocksfield Striders  13 mins 10 secs 
13th  Tony Brown  Stocksfield Striders  15 mins 12 secs 
14th  John Sturman  Heaton Harriers  10 mins 49 secs 
14th  Iain McKinnon  Heaton Harriers  12 mins 24 secs 
14th  John Nicholson  Heaton Harriers  13 mins 20 secs 
15th  Ralph Dickinson  Blyth Running Club  15 mins 48 secs 
15th  David Bradley  Blyth Running Club  14 mins 15 secs 
15th  Dave McGarry  Blyth Running Club  17 mins 34 secs 

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the competition results. However, we understand that discrepancies or questions may arise. If any athlete has a query or concern regarding the results, we kindly request that you reach out to our dedicated race officials. They are available to address any inquiries and provide further clarification. We value the integrity of the competition and are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and fairly. Your feedback is important to us, so please don't hesitate to contact our officials for any result-related inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.