Ken Jefferson Memorial Farringdon Cross Country And Cross Country Relays

Sunderland 5K

A Established Cross Country Race in The North East of the England.

Held September 14, 2019

Position Name Club Number Result
1st  Chris Perkins  Birtley AC  9 mins 4 secs 
2nd  Tom Slane  Blackhill Bounders  9 mins 52 secs 
3rd  Ethan Bond  Gosforth Harriers  10 mins 0 secs 
4th  Brandon Robert Pye  Houghton Harriers & A.C.  10 mins 6 secs 
5th  Silas Christie  Gosforth Harriers  10 mins 9 secs 
6th  George Beevers  Birtley AC  10 mins 15 secs 
7th  Sam Terry  Durham City  19  10 mins 20 secs 
8th  Dillon Revell  Sunderland Harriers  11  10 mins 25 secs 
9th  Noah Glanville  Durham City  17  10 mins 43 secs 
10th  Benjamin Weston  South Shields  21  11 mins 12 secs 
11th  Sean Mckay  Durham City  18  11 mins 12 secs 
12th  Harry Ayre  Sunderland Harriers  12  11 mins 25 secs 
13th  Rowan Mason  Birtley AC  11 mins 32 secs 
14th  James Tilley  Morpeth Harriers  25  11 mins 34 secs 
15th  Lewis Miller  Gosforth Harriers  24  11 mins 42 secs 
16th  Jak Jarvis  Sunderland Harriers  10  11 mins 55 secs 
17th  Adam Hughes  Sunderland Harriers  14  12 mins 2 secs 
18th  Ben Bewick  Sunderland Harriers  23  12 mins 10 secs 
19th  Ewan Herron  South Shields  20  12 mins 34 secs 
20th  Ben Padget  Sunderland Harriers  15  12 mins 35 secs 
21st  Jack Dempsey  Blyth RC  16  13 mins 4 secs 
22nd  Joshua McPeake  Washington RC  22  13 mins 14 secs 
23rd  Ben Hardie  Sunderland Harriers  13 mins 19 secs 
24th  Rob Boddy  Gosforth Harriers  13 mins 54 secs 

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the competition results. However, we understand that discrepancies or questions may arise. If any athlete has a query or concern regarding the results, we kindly request that you reach out to our dedicated race officials. They are available to address any inquiries and provide further clarification. We value the integrity of the competition and are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and fairly. Your feedback is important to us, so please don't hesitate to contact our officials for any result-related inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.