26th Penshaw Hill cross country race

Date - Wed, Jun 1st 2016.

Undulating terrain, steep in parts.

Approximately 3 miles cross country

34 Results

 Nathan Reed 1st 16 mins 24 secs Nathan retained his Penshaw Hill title 
 Steve Rankin6th 17 mins 33 secs Steve was prime winner as first to the top of the hill on the first of the two ascents 
 Michael Thompson7th 17 mins 49 secs Michael was 1st V45 finisher 
 Michael Edwards9th 18 mins 18 secs  
 Alan Knebel16th 19 mins 14 secs Alan was 2nd V45 finisher 
 Michael Heskett21st 19 mins 39 secs  
 Adam Ridley24th 19 mins 53 secs  
 Sean Smith27th 20 mins 1 secs  
 Paul Redman33rd 20 mins 53 secs Paul was 1st V50 finisher 
 Shaun Bagley34th 20 mins 56 secs  
 Dean Phillips44th 21 mins 29 secs Dean was 4th V45 finisher 
 Allan McManus45th 21 mins 38 secs  
 Gary Fox49th 22 mins 9 secs Gary was 4th V45 finisher 
 Peter Richardson53rd 22 mins 38 secs Peter was 3rd V60 finisher 
 Anthony Erskine57th 23 mins 11 secs Anthony was 4th V40 finisher 
 Paul Pickford58th 23 mins 11 secs  
 Vince Emmett63rd 23 mins 29 secs Vince was 4th V60 finisher 
 Fred Judson66th 23 mins 48 secs Fred was 5th V55 finisher 
 Jack Tallentire8th 17 mins 52 secs  
 Jack Smith29th 20 mins 9 secs  
 Daniel 41st 21 mins 26 secs  
 Rowan 50th 22 mins 11 secs Rowan ran as an U17 
 Alice Smith19th 19 mins 25 secs Alice was 3rd female finisher 
 Michelle Avery39th 21 mins 18 secs Michelle was 7th female finisher 
 Nicola Woodward42nd 21 mins 26 secs Nicola was 1st W35 finisher 
 Judith Thirlwell48th 22 mins 2 secs Judith was 1st W40 finisher 
 Vikki Cotton52nd 22 mins 29 secs Vikki was 2nd W35 finisher 
 Colleen Compson56th 22 mins 59 secs Colleen was 2nd W40 finisher 
 Angela Calvert74th 25 mins 29 secs Angela was 3rd W40 finisher 
 Debra James77th 26 mins 24 secs Debra was 1st W45 finisher 
 Maria Davis79th 26 mins 57 secs  
 Susan Clughen81st 27 mins 10 secs Susan was 2nd W60 finisher 
 Deborah Smith86th 28 mins 50 secs Deborah was 2nd W45 finisher 
 Jessica Fox22nd 19 mins 45 secs Jess was 4th female finisher 

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