Gateshead College Indoor Athletics Series, 1 of 5

Date - Thu, Nov 16th 2017.

6 Results

 Megan  3rd 9.18 secs Megan was 3rd in heat1 and 7th overall U13 
 Jordan Beavers 1st 7.42 secs Jordan was 1st with a pb in Round1 heat2 and 2nd overall U20 
 Jordan Beavers 1st 7.48 secs Jordan was 1st in Round2 heat8 and 1st overall U20 
 Declan Murray4th 7.63 secs Declan was 4th in Round2 heat8 and 3rd overall U20 
 Declan Murray5th 7.62 secs Declan was 5th in Round1 heat1 and 6th overall U20 
 Alix Waites5th 8.5 secs Alix was 5th in Round1 heat8 and 4th overall U20 

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