Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k

Date - Sun, Sep 4th 2016.

The Taylor WimpeyTees Pride 10k is rated by many as one of the best 10k's in the country. With a flat one lap course it is ideal for a PB. The support around the whole route is fantastic as the crowds cheer every single runner from first to last.

12 Results

 Andrew Powell8th 33 mins 1 secs  
 Sparrow Morley11th 33 mins 19 secs  
 Michael Thompson22nd 34 mins 6 secs Michael was 1st M45 
 Ian Ritchie24th 34 mins 20 secs  
 Paul Blakey24th 36 mins 11 secs Paul was 5th M40 
 Craig Harriman61st 37 mins 13 secs  
 Michael Edwards69th 37 mins 41 secs  
 Darren Stoker157th 40 mins 41 secs  
 James Johnson164th 40 mins 53 secs  
 Karl Robinson307th 44 mins 59 secs  
 Deborah Smith1249th 59 mins 35 secs  
 Tara Horner1969th 1 hr 11 mins 2 secs  

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