NEMAA T&F League Meeting 1

Date - Mon, May 20th 2019.

1800hr start

13 Results

 Dennis Hern 3rd 16.3 secs Dennis ran in Heat4 and was 3rd M50 overall 
 Barry Marlee6th 17.2 secs Barry ran in Heat5 and was 8th M45 overall 
 Elaine Waites4th 16.5 secs Elaine ran in Heat5 and was 2nd F50 overall 
 Julie Sullivan4th 15.4 secs Julie ran in Heat6 and was 1st F55 overall 
 Kevin Jeffress 3rd 9 mins 26.8 secs Kevin ran in Heat4 and finished as 3rd M35 overall 
 Michael Barker4th 9 mins 27.7 secs Michael ran in Heat4 and finished as 4th M35 overall 
 Michael Thompson7th 9 mins 43.8 secs Michael ran in Heat4 and finished as 1st M50 overall 
 Barry Marlee17th 12 mins 8.4 secs Barry ran in Heat3 and was 4th M45 overall 
 Dennis Hern16th 1.05 Metres Dennis was 2nd M50 overall 
 Barry Marlee16th 13.04 Metres Barry competed in Javelin B 
 Christine Elliott7th 21.63 Metres Christine finished as 1st F60 and 2nd female overall 
 George Harden4th 1 mins 5.6 secs George was running in Heat9 and finished 2nd M55 overall 
 Dennis Hern30th 2.37 Metres Dennis finished as 1st M50 

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