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Junior virtual 5 and 3k run
Published: Jul 18th, 17:57

An individual virtual run for junior members 15 years old and under.
(16 year old can enter the senior run via the link}
From tomorrow Sunday the 19th July and Monday 27th July each en...

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Great North Run, the early years. 1983/84
Published: Jun 26th, 17:56

As expected and hoped for by some the GNR has been cancelled due to covid 19 therefore we continue to look back at the early years in particular 1983 and 84. As before the article is taken from the magazine issued in 1991 by ‘Diet Coke Great North Run’. By 1983 the fame of the GNR was starting t...

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Sunderland ‘virtual’ 5km 2020
Published: Jun 25th, 19:40

The annual Sunderland 5km, including the Northern Athletics championships, was scheduled to take place at Silksworth Sports Complex on Thursday 23rd July. Unfortunately as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic the competition is not able to take place, though it will return to Silksworth as the No...

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Great North Run, the early years.
Published: Jun 4th, 17:34

This September the Great North Run is due to celebrate its 40th birthday, while we all wait to see if it will happen, I took time to look back at some of the earlier years. In 1991 the ‘Diet Coke Great North Run’ issued a magazine inside of which there was an article detailing the first ten years...

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Meet Vicky, Women’s Team Captain
Published: May 17th, 16:10

PB’s: 400m 60.9, 800m 2:16.99, 1500m 4:45 (All 1993), 5km 19:39 (2018).

Member Since: 1992 -1995. Returned 2015 after being spotted out for a run by Eddie (Maddison)
Reasons for joining: I have always loved running and especially competing but stopped after having William. I was pers...

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Meet Nathan, Men’s Team Captain
Published: May 17th, 16:00

PB’s: 800m 1:56.1, 1500m 3:55.6, 1mile 4:20.3, 3000m 8:38.7, 5000m 15:16.86, 5km 15:27, 5mi 26:29,  10km 33:05

Member Since: 21st September 2004

Reasons for joining: I was invited to join by Kevin Carr and Ken Jefferson. This was after finishing 3rd U13 (10:41) at the Farringdon Ope...

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Sunderland Harriers crowned NEHL Champions
Published: Apr 11th, 10:17

Sunderland Harriers have been crowned Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League Senior Men’s champions after the cancellation of the final fixture due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The season has been disrupted with postponements and two cancellations, due to flooded car parks and t...

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Remembering Sunderland Harrier Len Christopher
Published: Apr 8th, 10:10

Sunderland Harrier Len Christopher, one of the club’s top veteran marathon runners, has died following a long battle fighting
cancer. He was 73.

The Southwick man, a late comer to the sport, shone on the national stage after reaching his 55th birthday.

He had spent his time c...

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Meet Jimmy, Men’s Team Manager
Published: Mar 28th, 12:16

Name: Jimmy Johnson

Age: 42

Role: Men’s team manager

PB’s: 100m 16.8, 800m 2:50.1, 1500m 5:25.8, 1mile 5:48.1, 3000m 11:14.6, 5000m 19:37.9, 5km 19:14, 5mi 31:29, 10km 39:32, 10mi 66:09, Half 86:10 , Marathon 3:20:47

Member Since: 2014

Reasons for joining: To im...

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Meet Colleen, Women’s Team Manager
Published: Mar 28th, 12:09

Name: Colleen Compson

Age: V40

Role: Women’s team manager

PB’s: 5km 20:49, 10km 42:29, 10mi 70:02, Half 1:38:33, Marathon 3:25:53

Member Since: 2014

Reasons for joining: Sick of running on my own and my daughter Evie had joined aged nine.

Favourite distan...

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