Sunderland City Runs 10k

Date - Sun, May 12th 2024.

20 Results

 Stephen Jackson 2nd 31 mins 26 secs Stephen finished as 1st MV40 
 Liam Taylor 3rd 32 mins 4 secs Liam finished as 2nd Senior Male 
 Michael Rodenby14th 34 mins 45 secs Michael finished as 11th Senior Male  
 Sam Thurlbeck15th 34 mins 48 secs Sam finished as 3rd MV40 with a pb 
 Daniel Sutcliffe28th 36 mins 22 secs  
 Kevin Johnson56th 38 mins 12 secs Kevin finished with a pb 
 Rob King67th 39 mins 16 secs  
 Mark Head68th 39 mins 16 secs  
 Steven Gordon76th 39 mins 26 secs Steve finished as 5th MV50 
 David Wilkinson92nd 40 mins 27 secs  
 Lewis Nagel94th 40 mins 29 secs Lewis finished with a pb 
 Paul Collins107th 41 mins 16 secs Paul finished as 2nd MV60 
 Michael Cherrington111th 41 mins 33 secs Michael finished as 11th MV50 
 Paul O'Brien175th 43 mins 50 secs  
 Joe 22nd 35 mins 57 secs Joe finished as 1st Male Junior 
 Amy Callaghan59th 38 mins 16 secs Amy finished as 3rd Senior Female with a pb 
 Jessica Fox84th 39 mins 38 secs Jess finished as 4th Senior Female with a pb 
 Jennifer Tomlin101st 40 mins 53 secs Jen finished as 6th Senior Female 
 Natasha Steel137th 42 mins 39 secs Tasha finished as 10th Senior Female with a pb 
 Paula Goodson1886th 1 hr 29 mins 6 secs  

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