NECAA Open Meeting 3

Date - Sun, Sep 27th 2020.

King Edward School, Morpeth. No spectators, only one companion per competitor

6 Results

 Joe  1st 14.42 secs Joe competed as an U15 in Race4 
 Jacob Waterston 2nd 14.64 secs Jacob was first U13 in Race4 
 Joe  2nd 2 mins 41.6 secs Joe was first U15 in Race7 
 Brandon 4th 2 mins 47.62 secs Brandon competed as an U15 in Race7 and achieved a pb 
 Jacob Waterston13th 3.59 Metres Jacob finished as third U13 
 Timothy Field 1st 10 mins 31.16 secs Tim became the M55 NEMAA Champion 

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