Sunderland Harriers Colleen and Evie Compson are the first mother and daughter from the club to turn their hand to coaching.

They will embark on their coaching pathway by taking the coaching assistant course and this forms the first step in their commitment to that process.

Colleen, 45, who is the women’s team manager, said: “With my ongoing back issues that have plagued me for the last nine years, it’s now time to give something back to the club.

Colleen And Evie Turn Their Hand To Coaching.

“I’m heavily involved now with the under 20 females and taking them out on sessions with fellow team -mate and captain Vicky Haswell.’’

Both Colleen and Evie,16, joined Sunderland Harriers seven years ago when Evie was nine -years-old. She is now studying for her A-levels, including a BTEC in PE at St Anthony’s and St Aidan’s sixth form with a view to studying sport in the future.

Two other Harriers, Vicky Haswell and teenager Lydia Stoker, are also taking their coaching exams on the same course as the Compson’s.

The athletics coaching assistant qualification provides prospective coaches with an introduction to coaching athletics via a range of run, jump and throwing skills and activities. It will also focus on the introduction of fundamental skills that under pins athletics activities.