Andy Powell, Steve Rankin, and Judith Thirlwell have a perfect score of 15pts at the top of the cross country grand prix going into the next event at South Shields on January 4. They head the table as they have been a scorer in the team race at all three events that have been held so far this season, including the North Eastern Championships where six points were available to those who competed and an extra point awarded to team scorers. Entries close for the National Championships at Nottingham and Northern at Bedale, North Yorkshire, in early January.

The next race in the cross country grand prix is the Sherman Cup and Davidson Shield at South Shields, Temple Park , on Saturday, January 5. The grand prix is open to all Sunderland Harriers’ senior men and women, with the prizes being: 1st £150, 2nd £125, 3rd £100, 4th £75, and 5th £50.

Points scoring: Harrier League plus Sherman Cup and Davison Shield 3 points, North East Championships 6 points, Northern Championships 8 points, National Championship 10 points, Team counter additional 1 point.

Cross-country Grand Prix 2019-20.

Andy Powell 15
Steve Rankin 15
Judith Thirlwell 15
Lee Colman 12
Graeme Pullan 12
Darren Fletcher 12
Dale Wilkinson 12
Tony Allinson 12
Dean Phillips 12
Andrew Hughes 12
Allan McManus 12
Catherine Purdy 12
Vikki Cotton 12
Doreen Dickinson 12 
Colleen Compson 11
Gemma Frost 11
Chris Jackson 11
Allyson McCourt 10
Chris Bell 9
Paul Redman 9
Dave Lash 9
Paul Reineck 9
Jordan Latimer 9
 Craig Gunn 8
Jennifer Tomlin 8
Liam Taylor 7
Michael Edwards 7
Michael Barker 7
Ed Sweeney 6
David Wilkinson 6
Karl Robinson 6
Shaun Bagley 6
Steve Potts 4
Kevin Jeffress 4
Bev Martin 4
Nicole Hufton 4 
Michael Laws 4
Callum Thom 4
Alan Hodgson 3
Paul Merrison 3
Michelle O’Neil 3
Kris Cantle 3
Martin Blenkinsopp 3
Steve McMahon 3
Robyn Townsend 3
Amanda Mackie 3
Sharon Preece 3