The Harrier League is a Winter Cross Country league for clubs in the northeast of England. There are 6 fixtures, races, and a cup fixture. At each fixture there are races for under 13, 15, 17, 20, Seniors and Veterans. There are leagues for each age group and gender, with Divisions for the large number of Senior teams.

There is a race for under 11’s at all fixtures. The under 11’s don’t have a league but the first 3 finishers are presented with a medal and everyone gets an official time.

In each race, other than U11s, the first three finishers for each club earn the points which determine the club’s position in that race. So if the first three finishers finish in 8th, 20th and 25th the club gets 53 points for that event. Clubs are ordered according to points earned, smallest totals first.

Harrier League For Newcomers.

We don’t pick teams of three, we have as many runners as possible in each race. You may not finish in our first three but you can help our team by finishing as well as you can as this stops other teams finishing higher. It’s also possible for a team’s runners to finish as the last three athletes in the race but still win if all other teams only have two finishers.

Other than the U11s each age group has a slow, medium, and a fast pack. If this is your first season you will start in the slow pack, you may get a bit of a start – like in a handicap race. Under 11’s run about one km/1 mile, under 13’s between 1.8/2.25 miles.

You need to wear a club vest.