Sunderland Harriers are celebrating their Christmas Pudding Run on Boxing Day at Silksworth Sports Complex.

For those of you who haven't partaken of this seasonal event, it's your chance to give it a try. For those who enjoyed the newly inaugurated event last Christmas, won by Emily Powell, here's your chance to have another bash.

The Run will take the form of a sealed handicap and will be held over the Sunderland 5k course. The sealed handicap was a regular feature of North East road races up to and including the 1960s, before it dwindled out.

Sunderland Harriers' Christmas Pudding Run On Boxing Day 2018.

The Run is exclusively for members of Sunderland Harriers and friends of the Club. To be eligible for one of the super prizes, prize winners must have paid the £2 entry before the deadline of Thursday 20th December.

Final placings will be decided using sealed handicaps which our totally unbiased organisers, no really, calculate in advance, hence the entry deadline.

The course is the traditional Sunderland Harriers 5k footpath course with the downhill start, circumnavigation of the lakes, and finish on the grassed area near the bridge which crosses the stream; and the Run starts at 10:30am.

Prizes will be presented in the convivial atmosphere of The Cavalier, however to receive your prize you must be in there.

"How can I enter?" you ask, well just approach Albert James, Eddie Maddison, or Nathan Reed with your £2 and you're sorted. You can even offer your £2 at the Harriers' Christmas party on Saturday 8th December.

Good Luck!