Following the XC at Aykley Heads, here is a roving report from the Under 13 girls race by Catherine Randles.

The race course was quite challenging, there were lots of hills and sudden turns. The ground was quite dry for most of it, although there was a small decline that was rather muddy! I could definitely feel my legs working hard to try and maintain my pace. Setting a pace was particularly difficult because of the uneven ground and hidden tree roots.

At the end there was a large hill, which for me was the hardest part. It felt like an expedition on Everest, it just lasted forever! My muscles burned along with everyone else’s when I finally reach the final stretch. Everyone was bounding for the finish line and at that moment it felt like the difference between life and death.

Catherine Reports From Aykley Heads Xc.

Overall, I liked this course a lot, but I definitely struggled on the final hill. I am looking forward to the next cross country race ????

Thankyou to everyone who helped organise the cross country at Aykley Heads.
Catherine Randles, Sunderland Harriers U13.