Sunderland Harriers’ youngsters competed against themselves in an end of term Quadrathlon at the Silksworth Sports Complex track.

The event, designed to introduce the Under-11s, Under-13s and Under-15s to the challenge of outside competition, had around 50 young athletes taking part.

The event, organised by Fundamentals coach Barry Lane, saw the youngsters compete in the standing long jump, throw the howler, 100m and 800m.

Quadrathlon Fun For Sunderland Harriers’ Youngsters.

The winner of each of the four age groups was decided by the athlete with the lowest number of points for the four events.

The overall winners were:
Under-11 Girls: Logan Wilson.
Under-11 Boys: Harry Clay.
Under-13 Girls: RosieTeasdale.
Under-13 Boys: David Evans.
Under-15 Girls: Jade Thirlwell.
Under-15 Boys: Cameron Lawton.

The first three in each event were:

Under-11 Girls: 100m: Logan Wilson, Elizabeth Harris, Lexi Archer.
800m: Logan Wilson, Lexi Archer, Elizabeth Harris.
Howler: Ruby Corbett, Logan Wilson, Elizabeth Harris.
SLJ: Logan Wilson, Ruby Corbett, Elizabeth Harris.

Under-11 Boys: 100m: Harry Clay, Jak Jarvis, Joe Willis.
800m: Harry Clay, Jak Jarvis, Joe Willis.
Howler: Harry Clay, Joseph Swallow, James Doran.

Under-13 Girls: 100m: Megan Metters, Rosie Teasdale, Millie Teasdale.
800m: Rosie Teasdale, Millie Teasdale, Chloe Nichols.
Howler: Millie Teasdale, Rosie Teasdale, Megan Metters.
SLJ: Chloe Nichols, Megan Metters, Emily Clay.

Under-13 Boys: 100m:David Evans, Jack Thirlwell, Rhys Jones-Kirtley.
800m: David Evans, Jack Thirlwell, Rhys Jones-Kirtley.
Howler: David Evans, Rhys Jones-Kirtley, Jack Thirlwell.
SLJ: Jack Thirlwell, David Evans, Rhys Jones-Kirtley.

Under-15 Girls: 100m: Jade Thirlwell, Evie Compson, Ingrid Olssen.
800m: Evie Compson, Jade Thirlwell, Ingrid Olssen.
Howler: Jade Thirlwell, Elizabeth Hackett, Evie Compson.
SLJ: Jade Thirlwell, Evie Compson, Elizabeth Hackett.

Under-15 Boys: 100m: John Harris, Josh Davis, Cameron Lawton.
800m: Josh Davis, Cameron Lawton, John Harris.
Howler: Daniel Hodgson, Cameron Lawton, Josh Davis.
SLJ: Cameron Lawton, John Harris, Daniel Hodgson.

Houghton Harriers’ young athletes finished second overall in the North East Youth Development League Division 2 South.

In the final meeting at Middlesbrough Sports Village, they had 11 first places in the track events and eight first place finishes in the field events.

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