With Covid 19 threatening to prevent the normal AGM in October, Michael Hill sent this proposal to our Chairman, Kevin Carr,
I would like to propose under rule 9 and 10 of Sunderland Harriers constitution that the date of the Annual General Meeting be moved on a permanent basis to April. Due to the Covid 19 situation it is unlikely that the AGM will be able to proceed as usual in October this year, by moving the date to April it would align the financial year with UKA and hopefully simplify the administration for our Registration officers and Treasurer. This proposal had been seconded by Andrew Abbott.

It needed ten people to agree to Michael’s proposal for it to go forward, the Chairman has received agreement from more than enough Members of the Committee, consequently the proposal is adopted, the AGM which would have occurred in October of this year will be moved to April 2021, and all subsequent AGMs will occur annually in April of each year. Payment of Membership renewal fees will still coincide with the AGM so the payment which would have been due this October will now be payable next April.

This should have constituted an AGM to allow members to vote on the rule change, but we can’t have one due to Covid 19. However, the Chairman has said that he has spoken to many members and has not found one that disagrees to the rule change. Therefore, he has deemed that the proposal is passed

Permanent Change To The Date Of The Agm.

It is probable that members joining us after 1st January 2021 would have their period of membership extended to 31st March 2022, imitating the current period of grace from August to October but this will need to be agreed at some stage by Committee.